Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Beg, Borrow, Buy

At a time when we should be fine tuning the last of our race gear choices, we are faced with a race breaking problem. Three of our gear boxes which we sent from Australia over two weeks ago have not arrived due to delays in customs. We had been holding on to the possibility that it cleared customs yesterday afternoon and would get to us today however, after getting the run around we are realizing that there is a high possibility (or perhaps almost guarantee) that they won't show before the race start.

We made a list of the gear we are missing last's really quite extensive.  We spoke to a few teams yesterday afternoon who have suggested they may be able to help with some gear and one of the shops have offered use of some old mountaineering gear. We are up early this morning to see what of the list we can try to beg,borrow or buy! Wish us luck, our goal has now turned from racing fast to just being able to race.