Friday, 19 August 2016

Dynamite welcome's Liam to the XPD lineup!

XPD is getting closer, training is starting to ramp up and team "Dynamite - Belgravia Leisure" is getting excited about racing the 2016 World Champs in Australia in November. With Paul, our captain and chief navigator out of the starting lineup due to other commitments organising "Upstream" (50km charity walk in Melbourne) which is being run at a similar time to XPD, we were on the hunt for a 4th team member.

We had some interest from our New Zealand teammate Sakkie, who was very keen to join us in November but with a baby on the way we were unable to lock him in. We were then excited to be put in contact with Liam who was super keen to join us and we were equally excited to have someone with his experience and enthusiasm join team Dynamite. Its fair to say Liam's Adventure Racing resume is longer than all of ours combined.

Welcome to the team Liam St Pierre...............

Liam is an adventure racing tragic – if surfing the net for race reports or following “the dot” online were a discipline he’d be in with a chance of actually taking out a title.  And don’t get him started on his collection of old race movies.  Of course, these skills are pretty useless with the single exception of his greatest glory: wining the ARWC fantasy league in 2015.  Liam joins team Dynamite for the 2016 XPD World Championships after years of racing against the team at various GeoQuests.  He generally finds it hard to say no to an event having competed in half a dozen expedition races – a full resume can be found here – with 2016 marking a decade in the sport.  Hailing from Brisbane, QLD (beautiful one day, perfect the next right?), he’s most looking forward to bonding with the team over a shared pack of pringles at 2am in the morning huddled together somewhere deep in the Australian bush.

Bring on the Adventure!!!! We are very much looking forward to enjoying some laughs and stories with Liam over some pringles!

For all of our Melbourne dot followers who think that we are crazy adventuring for several days with minimal sleep, we encourage you to jump on board and be apart of "Upstream". If your keen to form a team and join in on the 50km walk/run, you will find more info here